The history of company development «Orion-Specsplav-Gatchina»

January 2003 - Founding of "Orion-Spetcsplav-Gatchina" LLC with a view to its development as a producer of aluminium  alloys and master alloys
March 2005 - Commissioning of the new induction furnaces and casting conveyor for producing of master alloys and aluminum alloys. The reconstruction of the shop buildings, residential and office premises, prepared by treatment plants and new units for the energy supply plant
October 2005 - Implementation of the Quality Management System is certified according to the ISO9001: 2000 standard
October 2007 - Equipping the factory laboratory by optical spectrometer ARL 3460
November 2007 - Implementation the installation and commissioning of equipment for producing  alloying tablets based Fe, Mn, Cr, Ti, Cu, Ni powders, Mo oxide, etc.
December 2009 - Installation and commissioning of an additional press for alloying tablets producing
June 2010 - Commissioning of powerful induction furnaces and the casting  conveyor for producing of high-temperature alloys, ferro-alloys and master alloys of copper and nickel
July 2010 – Beginnig  activity of the raw material processing area
February 2011 - Commissioning of the exhaust gas filtration equipment
May 2013 – Beginning producing of alloys and master alloys based on magnesium
December 2013 – Equipping the factory laboratory by X-ray fluorescence scanning spectrometer ARL PERFORM * X 2500
June 2015 - Beginning producing of AlSc master alloys