Nickel-tungsten alloy

Orion-Spetcsplav-Gatchina offers high-quality alloys for a wide range of applications. The company has its own production and carefully monitors the quality of products. The alloys presented in the catalog are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST and other standards. The use of modern equipment and laboratory methods of analysis allow us to produce alloys with a high content of nickel, tungsten and other metals with consistently high characteristics.

Our capabilities and advantages:

  • metallurgical production, equipped with modern induction furnaces, conveyors, presses and mixers;
  • modern analytical equipment and quality control at every stage of production.

Description, application and features of nickel-tungsten alloys

Using a nickel-tungsten alloys makes it possible to increase the hardness and wear resistance of parts that are forced to work under conditions of increased mechanical loads. Unlike products alloyed with pure tungsten, the cost of such parts is significantly lower with comparable performance characteristics.

Please pay attention that the nickel-tungsten alloy is characterized by low stability at high temperatures. This behavior is associated with diffuse penetration of nickel into tungsten upon heating, followed by a decrease in the recrystallization temperature of the latter by an average of 200°C.

Alloys containing nickel and tungsten are used for alloying steels, in the production of containers for storing radioactive substances, non-destructive testing equipment, dosimetric equipment, collimators, protective screens and other critical elements and mechanisms.

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