Briquetted master alloys (tablets)

Alloying tablets (briquetted master alloys), along with master alloys and unpressed powders, are used to introduce certain chemical elements into the melt. As a rule, briquetted master alloy is used in the production of various aluminum alloys and does not apply to alloys of copper, nickel and some other metals.   

Alloying tablets are produced by pressing appropriate metal powders with the addition of a special non-hygroscopic low-melting flux and/or aluminum powder in various proportions (from 75% to 100%). They are cylindrical in shape and can vary in weight and diameter.

The briquetted master alloy ensures fast dissolution of the alloying element in the melt and is very convenient to use. The most widespread tablets are based on Fe, Mn, Cr, Ti, Cu, Zn, Ni.

Traditionally, pressed master alloy briquettes are packaged in aluminum foil-wrapped packs containing several units of product, followed by stacking in cardboard boxes on pallets. Small weight/diameter tablets are packed in paper bags or big bags. For convenience in handling this raw material in production and in order to avoid random errors in dosage in determining whether tablets that are relatively similar to each other belong to one or another alloying material, each of them is assigned a corresponding color marking (for tablets based on Fe - green, on Ti-based - red, Cr-based - blue, etc.).

Based on many years of consumer experience, the following main advantages of using alloying tablets can be distinguished:

  • compared to low concentration master alloys, the cost of the main component in alloying tablets is usually lower;
  • convenient shape and packaging contribute to the accurate dosage of the alloying element;
  • the introduction of alloying tablets does not lead to a decrease in the temperature of the melt;
  • higher alloying element concentration reduces storage and transportation costs.

The main products

Grade Shape Composition Marks Standard Price
Fe80F20 Tablet (briquett)
Diameter 35,70,90 мм
Green stripe According request By request
Cr80F20 Tablet (briquett)
Diameter 35,70,90 мм
Blue stripe According request By request
Ti80F20 Tablet (briquett)
Diameter 35,70,90 мм
Red stripe According request By request

* Fraction, change of composition — according agreement

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