Aluminium-lithium master alloy

Lithium makes it possible to increase strength and ductility, reduce density, and increase the corrosion resistance of alloys. The increased interest in alloying aluminum alloys with lithium, the lightest of metals with a density of ~ 0.54 g/cm3, is due to the fact that each percentage of lithium reduces the density of aluminum by 3%, increases the elastic modulus by 6%, and provides a significant effect of hardening in alloys after hardening and artificial aging.

Aluminum-lithium master alloy also acts as an additive to special or carbon steels. It has a deoxidizing effect on them, increases fluidity, improves their corrosion resistance and mechanical characteristics.

The main products:

Grade Shape Composition Marks Standard Price
AlLi10 Тrapezoidal ingot
Size 370*60*40 мм,
Li- 8-12%

According request By request
AlLi15 Pieces Al-base

According request By request
AlLi20 Pieces Al-base
Li- 18-22%

According request By request

* Fraction, change of composition — according agreement.

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