Packaging options for products

A pack on a wooden europallet

The ingots are packed in bundles on wooden Euro pallets and fastened with a tape under a shrink wrap.


At the request of customers, ingots can be packed in bundles without a pallet.

Soft container (big bag)

By agreement of the parties, products can be packed in soft containers (big bags)

Metal drum

At the request of customers, products can also be packed in metal drums or wooden boxes.

Cardboard box

Alloying pellets are formed into columns, wrapped in aluminum foil or kraft paper and stacked in cardboard boxes on euro pallets under shrink film.

Features of products delivery

Our alloys and master alloys are shipped to the client in a special package. Its variant depends on the type of product and the form of production. Alloying tablets and are stacked in columns of several pieces and wrapped in aluminum foil or paper. Next, the columns are placed in cardboard boxes, installed on Euro pallets and covered with shrink wrap. If the tablets have a small weight and diameter, it is possible to pack them in big bags or paper bags.

Packaging options

  • Barrels, containers, wooden boxes.
  • Big run.
  • Packed in shrink-wrapped bundles attached to or without wooden Euro pallets and others.


Marking is an important stage of packaging. Each type of products is marked with the appropriate code and color (for example, Fe-based tablets are indicated in green, and Ti-based tablets are indicated in red and so on). This approach simplifies the use of raw materials and eliminates accidental errors in dosage in production.

You can find out the delivery option for each specific alloy or ligature using the table posted on this page. We strictly comply with the requirements of state standards and guarantee high quality packaging.