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Production of alloys and master alloys


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Orion-Spetcsplav-Gatchina LLC

Orion-Spetcsplav-Gatchina LLC is a modern metallurgical enterprise founded in 2003. We produce a wide range of alloys and master alloys based on aluminum, magnesium, nickel, copper, as well as high quality briquetted master alloys.

About High-end equipment

Orion-Spetcsplav-Gatchina LLC is a staff of highly qualified specialists, optimal marketing and logistics solutions, 6 high-performance induction furnaces of various capacities, 5 conveyors, pressing, crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, sorting, advanced analytical complex.
High quality products and consumer confidence.

Pilot production site

In order to develop new types of products, improve existing and creating  new technologies, as well as the most efficient execution of orders for relatively small volumes of products, the significant investments have been made in 2021-2022 in setting up a pilot plant based on the brand new Inductotherm "VIP Power-Trak 200 kW Euro Steel Shell 0.35" induction melting furnace.

Already after the first months of operation, the pilot production site demonstrated a high efficiency.

Advanced laboratory complex

The company's laboratory is equipped with an ARL 3460 optical spectrometer, an ARL PERFORM*X 2500 X-ray fluorescence scanning spectrometer, a GNR S1 Minilab optical emission spectrometer, a Niton XL2 980+ portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and a range of related equipment. Laboratory staff regularly improve their skills. The laboratory is certified by FBU "TEST-S.-PETERSBURG". Continuous control is carried out at all stages of production - from incoming raw materials to finished products.

The widest range of products

Since the founding of the enterprise in 2003, the specialists of Orion-Spetсsplav-Gatchina LLC have mastered the production of more than 100 types of alloys and master alloys based on aluminum, magnesium, copper, nickel, as well as various ferroalloys and briquetted master alloys. In addition, we are always ready to consider the manufacture of products of non-standard chemical compositions according to the demands of the Customers. The experience and professionalism of our employees with high technical equipment of the enterprise allow us to find complex production decisions.

Production of innovative alloys and master alloys

Orion-Spetcsplav-Gatchina LLC is the undisputed leader in Russia in terms of production of innovative AlSc2(A) master alloy, the unprecedented quality of which was appreciated by the largest manufacturers of rolled aluminum alloys. Also in the production line of the enterprise is the widest range of alloys and master alloys based on aluminum, magnesium, nickel with rare earth metals.

More than 250 consumers

Among the consumers of our products are more than 250 metallurgical and machine-building enterprises both in Russia and worldwide. We cooperate with metal trading companies also.

High quality products

Orion-Spetssplav-Gatchina LLC was founded in 2003 as an enterprise for the production of aluminum-based ligatures. Already in 2004, we were convinced of the high level of demand for ligatures of our own production.