Copper has a high ductility, electrical conductivity and high resistance to oxidation. In the foundry widely used copper alloys with zinc, tin, aluminum, silicon and other elements. Addition to copper and 43% zinc get a simple brass. Brass processed well pressure (forging, forging, rolling) and copper different from higher strength and lower cost. For the producing a special brass castings used doped with aluminum, tin, lead, manganese, silicon, iron and others.

In copper alloy casting use the tin (tin bronze) multi-component and tin-free copper-based alloys containing additives as aluminum, iron, silicon, nickel, manganese, called special bronzes. Tin bronzes have high fluidity, corrosion resistance and anti-friction properties (ie. E. Work reliably abrasion in friction units of machines). Special bronze are also characterized by high strength, corrosion-resistant, anti-friction and heat resistance. The broad field of engineering they are full-fledged substitutes for expensive tin bronze.