About us

«Orion-Spetcsplav-Gatchina» LLC was founded in 2003 as an production company of aluminium based master alloys. In the year 2004, ensuring a high level of demand for the production master alloys, it was decided to expand the capacity significantly (up to 1000 tons per month).  In this connection was purchased advanced induction furnaces and related equipment from leading manufacturers.

In view of the increased competition from suppliers of imported briquetted master alloys (alloying tablets) on the domestic market, the decision was made in 2006 the building of the Powder production site and acquisition of equipment for mixing and pressing powders. Along with the expansion of the range of products to release «Orion-Spetcsplav-Gatchina» in international markets and customers have more stringent requirements for the precision of chemical composition alloys. Was also purchased and commissioned analytical complex ARL.

Steady growth in sales volumes in the period 2007-2008, as the foundry alloys and master alloys and briquetted alloys become a prerequisite for the purchase of additional foreign press in 2009. Also in 2009, in order to further expand the company range of ferroalloys and nickel based master alloys and copper based master alloys were purchased an unique induction furnace for melting heat-resistant materials.

Beside addition activities to measures aimed at improving the efficiency of company, increasing the volume of production and the list of products for the purpose of personnаl caring and the environment  has been installed complex italian filtering system of furnance gases «Termoventiltecnica» in 2011. To enhance quality control of produced alloys and master alloys, ferroalloys, powder materials at the manufacturing stage purchased a powerful new X-ray fluorescence ARL spectrometer in 2013 for control of finished products and as well as the introduction of new technologies in production.

Our company has streamlined the flexible manufacturing process and reliable equipment to produce master alloys and Al, Mg, Cu, Ni based alloys, briquetted master alloys based on Fe, Mn, Cr, Ti, Cu, Ni, Mo oxide, ferroalloys (FeNi, FeTi, FeW, FeMo, FeNb etс), as well as secondary and primary remelting heat-resistant steels and alloys.. At the moment our company is one of the few manufacturers of master alloys in the CIS, who have ISO9001: 2000 certification.

The main consumers of our products:
• manufacturers Al, Mg, Cu, Ni based master alloys
• manufacturers of aluminum packaging for the food and other industries
• manufacturers of parts by injection molding and chill mold
• manufacturers of aluminum profiles and rolled products
• steel manufacturers (including alloyed steel) and heat resisting alloys

Engineering service and laboratory spectral analysis engaged a special place in company. The laboratory has modern equipment for metal structure explore of finished products, control testing of products and raw material input control. Engineers and technicians are working on the development of new products, to actively participate in the constant search for and implementation advanced technological processes, analyze ndicators of industrial production and technological activities. Engineering, technical personnel and laboratory maintains are working together with many scientific research institutions and higher educational establishments of the Russian Federation.

Introduced ISO 9001 management system at the company in 2005: 2000, determined the enterprise quality policy:

• orientation of the company in the consumer interests, and the establishing of mutually beneficial long-term relationships with suppliers;
• development and implementation own unique production technology;
• continuous improvement of production technology;
• control over the strict observance of the established production technology and quality requirements for finished products